Friday, November 12, 2010

One year of assholeness...

The phenomenon was initiated by me a year ago on this very date...  a casual fight which actually led to the creation of your very own, whatthefuckplace! We were finding out ways, and were discussing and trying to invent the I-will-piss-you-off-chemical©, by which we could actually piss off many people in a single go. Thought of many ideas, but none of them actually were impressive enough. But, then...

That very night, when the Heavens were on war, when the unicorns lost their horns, when Kalmadi thought of CWG seriously, (Oh, wait! That one didn't happen!) and when Sachin got out on 0, and the blog was invented. Yes, that very day. Blame the Gods for it, haters. And praise the Satan for it, too! 

We have been hated, been loved, been kicked, been abused, been thrown, BUT have survived all the wrath, agony, pain, lust and what not. The detailed story about the formation of the blog - Sometime, else. As of now, a very happy birthday to my fellow love!

Happy Birthday to the all the non-existing readers, and the writers. And for him, the one man army of this place, a gift - an ass, for making the blog run. And for perfectly executing the plans for annoying people.

Drop your views, feedback, lame-comments, one-liners, abuses, piece of advice (Which will be ignored!), gifts, and for once, yes... please do share about your experience with the blog in the past year, and oh to hell with it, whatever!

PS: May you piss in your pants after reading it.


  1. Happy Birthday ;)..

    As for the butts.. hmm. ummhmm..
    Ok bye!!

  2. heyy ..congrats ...thats quite a lot in a year !!!

  3. The picture is hilarious! lol. Congratulation man! You have a distinct sense of humour!
    Keep it going.

  4. Yeah congratulations dude. Where's my celebetory weed!

    And weren't you supposed to publish a blog and give me credit or something, whatever happened to that fucker :D

  5. Oh and by the way, I did create a new post, inspired by Pamela Anderson and the current censorship fiasco.Do drop in :D

  6. whoa..bum cheekies..

  7. killer man, the best blogger of all times, mean really i such a small tym, 200 followers.u gotta b kiddng..impressv, damn impressv

  8. Gratz! Keep the asshole-ness going! ;)

  9. That's funny butt, b'day wishes heheh...