Friday, January 7, 2011


Two. In. Love. :)

No, not possible.
Two? Yes.
Female, and, Male.
In space, somewhere.
In galaxy, somewhere.
Only two.
Just these two.
These two, and these two.
No one else.
He looks at her.
Into her beautiful eyes.
Shy. Sexy. Seductive.
A bit nervous.

She looks at him.
Smiles at him.

"So? Er, what do you think?"
She seems to ask.
Her lips are shivering.

She seems scared.
He walks slowly to her.
Takes her in his arms.

He whispers in his d-e-e-p voice,
"I won't hurt you. Promise!"
She looks at his face,
Into his eyes again.
He smiles softly,
While she feels his tall hands on her skin...

**This was the first time, that inter galaxy love had been accepted. After the caste marriage system, country marriage system, finally... the rule of the inter galaxy system was devastated, too. They were in love!**

And so they were drifting away,
on a cloud of their own...
Silently through space.

Kissing, loving, and breaking all the boundaries of the inter-galaxy love!

Sexy space love! :P


  1. so basically intergalaxloveoginity is lost, dude, serious request what happened next, or how thngs happened next..enlighten me
    jus kiddin
    simply virgn post of urs, out of nothn u come wit such nonsenses n LOL all over...

  2. i love being an author on this blog

  3. I love broken verse, that's what I write too. And you've written well.
    Though, I didn't like the pic.

  4. hmmmmm...........
    good one!!!!!

  5. lol. i think that's the nicest poem i've read in a while. i know 'nice' is a bland adjective but oh well...really nice.. :P

  6. LOL
    Poem was indeed nice and pictures are so appropriately inserted.

  7. ohh wow!
    You are so good at being seriously into non sense...
    KUDOS! :p

  8. LOL that was some serious nonsense..

    Loved it! :D

  9. I thought both lollies were the same flavour.
    I don't get the tall fingers - what's that all about? Happy New Year, thanks for visiting my blog.

  10. da poem is lyk a SPECIES sequel..!!!

  11. Wonder what sort of organs they would be having

  12. ..different...What is with the name of the blog? Any specific idea? Vineet by the way my maiden name was also Srivastava.

  13. lol
    beautiful poem with nice pics

  14. -* What the Bloody Fuck :D
    This Picture Omg Hillarious Buahahahaha :D

  15. I love the poem! Join the club ;)

  16. Your brain comes up with "out-of-the-world" stuff (literally) all the time. This post is yet another proof to the same. =)

  17. well well...thats really you... :D