Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Cactus Garden!

"I think I want to visit the Cactus Garden."
"Okay, so, can I conclude that you have gone nuts, again?"
"WHAT? It exists, in REAL, dumbass."
"Get me some photos of that place, then, eh, works?"
"Like a fucking charm, it does... to hell with your bet. I am going there, still, anyway!"


Cactus garden, is a famous, or may be not so famous, garden. The name is self explanatory, eh? Sailana is only 20 kilometers from Ratlam - (Yes, that city in JabWeMet. #facepalm) is one of the rare places where you can find a wide variety of cacti in different stages of growth and colours. I am not really sure, how old the garden is, but since the ruler of the place hasn't handed over the control to the Govt., (As if the Govt. would have done anything, ha!) and doesn't even live there, as of now, it is kind of poorly managed, the facilities, you may say - minus the only gardener who puts everything on the line to make the garden look beautiful, and well... worth visiting. Take a look at these photographs, and decide for yourself. Simple, eh?


No, this kid ain't me... lucky you, guys!

And after visiting the cactus garden, thoughts like, "Living my life like a cactus/with a cactus/for some cacti...", and you know, get the drift, please, controlled my mind, for a while - till I visited another peaceful place, near by. Though, accident-prone, but yeah, still.

I don't really recall the name of this place, blame the local name of the place... must have been lame, anyway. But, a nice, decent, and importantly, a PEACEFUL spot, this was.(!)(?)
And to mention, for God's sake, there is always a way to click on a particular photograph, for their increased size, don't fucking crib about it. And yeah, it does feel weird not to rant about anything, for a change. But, the next post? Is. Ranting. Personified. Seriously. Till then!


  1. well sometimes you find beauty in the most likely places.. its not imp that u go to Jannath (Kasmir jannath, mind u ) or shimla or any place to see the beauty of nature. all you need to do is look out through the window and you'll find beauty. As they say, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder..

  2. The pictures are lovely :)
    I wish I could visit such places :) Being with nature and in nature is just so peaceful.. The feeling is beautiful :)

    Thank you for your comment. Do come by again :)
    Take Care!

  3. The pictures are BEAUTIFUL <3
    I would love to visit that second place!! :D
    And waiting for your rant-filled post. Always makes me laugh :p
    Till then!

  4. Cool. I had to go to Arizona to see a real cactus. They don't grow here. I even tried once. It molded and died.

  5. I read the first comment, and I was saying "ditto" to each and every sentence. My thoughts exactly :)

  6. the clicks of the second place makes me fall in love!! esp the third picture reminds me of "The Brook" -Alfred Lord Tennyson!!
    [ I chatter over stony ways,
    In little sharps and trebles,
    I bubble into eddying bays,
    I babble on the pebbles. ]

    Waiting for your rant filled post!!!

  7. I love cacti! We have a big one in our house. With the cold coming on, we're about to let it go. We just don't have room for it anymore in our small house. I'm thinking one of us is just going to take it to work.

  8. that looks like such a lovely place. but cacti..... not my thing. id much rather keep a safe distance between myself and large prickly plants, than come stand near them... but maybe thats just me.

    thank you for the compliment, and for dropping by. i appreciate it very much. i dont like being lost. or confused about what i want, get, and need. cant i just have what i need and get what i want? ahh, life..

  9. Simply beautifully captured shots...lovely!

  10. Not a huge fan of cactii, but this place looks REAL good! Planning on hopping around North India this December.. *Fingers Crossed*

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  12. beautiful pictures .. I like cactus.. you know i have been trying to grow some here in uk , but have failed miserabely ..

    How are you doing .. dont see you anymore ..


  13. Came to your blog and out of all the posts, I reached this one.. Haha..
    Irony - (my blog's name is "My Cactus Dress)
    For me, watching a Cactus Garden is Nirvana.